Covid: Noon deadline approaches for Manchester coronavirus deal

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image captionGreater Manchester is currently in tier two, or “high alert” level

Greater Manchester leaders have been given a deadline of midday to reach a deal with the government over moving to tier three Covid restrictions.

If a deal is not reached, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said the PM would decide on the next steps.

In this situation, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said the “implication” was the top tier of rules would be imposed.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said the region was seeking a “fair figure” of support from the government.

Mr Burnham told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he would be meeting with local leaders this morning and would advise them to set out the request in a letter to the government.

The government and local leaders – including mayors and MPs – have been embroiled in 10 days of talks over tighter rules for Greater Manchester’s 2.8m population.

The “very high” alert level, also known as tier three, would mean closing pubs and bars which do not serve meals, and additional restrictions on households mixing.

Mr Jenrick said local leaders had been “so far unwilling to take the action that is required to get this situation under control”.

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Speaking to Today, Mr Burnham described the government’s ultimatum as a “slightly provocative move”, but he said he was going to “try and find a way forward”.

He said local leaders had never been given a figure for additional financial support in return for further restrictions.

As well as setting out what a “fair figure” of support was, Mr Burnham said he wanted “full flexibility” to support people who will be affected by restrictions.

He said: “I think it is fair to recognise that if you put a place under restrictions for as long as we’ve been under restrictions it grinds people down. It pushes businesses closer to the brink.”

Sir Richard Leese, the Labour leader of Manchester City Council, told BBC Newsnight he hoped a deal could still be made, but added: “If government imposes tier three – and I hope that won’t happen – we will clearly need to comply with that.”

On Monday, Mr Burnham and Sir Richard accused the government of using “selective statistics” on hospital occupancy rates to bolster the case for tougher rules.

On Monday evening, the two sides couldn’t even agree on what they actually discussed earlier.

Believe the local leaders and on Monday morning there seemed to be hope in the air. Officials from central government had mooted the possibility of a hardship fund to help support low-paid workers who stand to lose out if businesses close their doors under tighter restrictions.

The message local leaders took from their meeting was that, while the Treasury is adamant they are not going to extend their national furlough scheme – nor increase the level of cash available from its replacement, the Job Support Scheme – Westminster might sign off extra money that could be spent that way, if local politicians saw fit.

There was no concrete agreement on the numbers, but sources in Greater Manchester suggest the cost of supporting those who need the extra help comes in at around £15m a month.

After that call, the consensus among North West leaders was moving in the direction of signing on the dotted line, with another call planned with Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick for the afternoon.

But rather than ushering in a new spirit of co-operation, that meeting went south.

Why does the government want tougher restrictions?

A three-tier system of alerts was announced a week ago in an attempt to control rising coronavirus cases without a UK-wide lockdown.

So far, only the Liverpool City Region and Lancashire have been moved into tier three, the highest level.

Mr Jenrick said Greater Manchester hospitals now had more Covid-19 patients than the whole of south-west England and south-east England combined.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that he might “need to intervene” if local leaders did not accept a move to tier three.

Why haven’t Greater Manchester leaders agreed a deal?

Local councillors, the mayor and MPs are concerned that tier three rules will devastate industries such as hospitality without more financial support for workers and businesses.

A key sticking point is that Mr Burnham wants the government to reintroduce the 80% furlough scheme used during the UK’s first lockdown, instead of the new Job Support Scheme which covers 67% of the wages (covered by employers and the government) of people affected by tier three closures.

Mr Burnham and Sir Richard Leese said the government had suggested the possibility of a hardship fund to top up furlough payments, but this idea was withdrawn by Mr Jenrick. The government said it was “incorrect” to say officials had made the proposal during Monday’s meeting.

Where else are tougher restrictions being introduced?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the House of Commons further discussions were planned about South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, north-east England and Teesside moving to tier three, or very high alert.

In Wales, people will be told from Friday to stay at home, while pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will shut, as part of a “short, sharp” national lockdown until 9 November.

It comes as a two-week school closure begins in Northern Ireland as part of a tightening of restrictions.

In Scotland, the tightest restrictions are in place in the central belt, and there are plans for a three-tier framework of measures, similar to England’s.

How bad is the spread of the virus in the UK now?

Monday’s figures show the UK recorded a further 18,804 coronavirus cases and 80 deaths.

Mr Hancock said the virus was “on the offensive” as winter approached, adding that he was concerned about the level of infections among over-60s in some northern areas.

But as the government tries to tackle the virus region by region, its claims about the impact on each area have been disputed.

On Monday, the prime minister’s official spokesman said government projections suggested coronavirus patients would take up the entire current intensive care capacity in Greater Manchester by 8 November, not including capacity in Nightingale hospitals.

But Prof Jane Eddleston, the region’s medical lead for the coronavirus response, said the situation was “serious” but Greater Manchester’s intensive care capacity was not at risk of being overwhelmed.

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What are KPIs or Key Performance Indicators?

What are KPIs or Key Performance Indicators?

Web analytics is one of the most complex areas in digital marketing. This is where the so-called KPI indicators or key performance indicators have their main role. Elements of great value equally, both for the commercial team and for the sales team.

Actions or campaigns that serve well-planned strategies must be measured from the beginning. It is very important to monitor and assess your development in terms of feedback, conversions or sales. This provides the possibility of correcting and improving, otherwise it can lead to wasting part of the budget.

What are KPIs?

Paramarketing says that, key performance indicators or key performance indicators are metrics or signals that measure or show results. They are previously defined to know the performance of the actions that will be carried out. They serve to compare, quantify and make decisions. Measuring performance involves defining sales objectives. With set goals, you need to know how campaigns work and how profitable they are.

Although this terminology seems very avant-garde, the truth is that it has been used for a long time. All economic sectors have always tried to improve their productivity. Also the efficiency of services and the process of attracting clients, optimizing work times.

Among the most valued KPIs are sales KPIs. Especially the type of higher-level kpi that determines the cost per lead. Measuring performance involves improving the CRO or optimizing the conversion rate of a website.

Importance of defining key performance indicators

More and more companies are involved in evaluating and analyzing the results of their digital investments. To do this, the goals they set must correspond to the objectives.

Sometimes the failure of some creative campaigns is not because they are bad. Nor that the content is of low quality in many cases. The cause is usually that the trajectory of the campaign is not monitored to favor the phases of the funnel or conversion funnel. In this way capitalization opportunities are obviated and company resources are underutilized.

It is clear that if a campaign is not properly monitored, the necessary adjustments cannot be made to achieve success. Even sometimes, the ground is paved for other competing companies that take advantage of the information they obtain. Knowing what others have done and if it has worked for them is a source of knowledge. They can also appropriate the value proposition or the message that was intended to be communicated.

Test, test and channel

Before launching any campaign, including email marketing or others on different types of social networks, tests can be done. Better to know what results to expect from a few simple strategies that lead to a well-designed landing page.

Ask the audience doing online surveys, see how they react, and even see how they fared with campaigns with similar characteristics to others.

By doing so, smarter decisions can be made. And know at which points more resources should be added to maximize profits or which points to eliminate to avoid unnecessary cost overruns.

Once the data has been collected, aspects such as the importance of price or usage habits can be analyzed. And also the ratings and opinions of consumers.

Most relevant aspects of KPIs

Any company wants to have positive results, and this is often reflected in marketing (kpi marketing) and sales (kpi sales). A complete study must be offered in relation to cost models. And a detailed or detailed analysis of online marketing campaigns. For this, it is essential to define the key indicators carefully and draw conclusions from the efforts made.

The key performance indicators must meet a series of requirements that will allow them to be analyzed over time. They are known by the abbreviation SMART (smart) and are as follows:


Each indicator should collect the most interesting data or aspect about the information to be obtained. Also based on other types of strategic objectives.


We already know that any objective indicator must be measurable to know the evolution. This is the true meaning of KPIs, justifying thanks to metrics and figures.


All the objectives that are raised must be realistic, and they must be able to be achieved in the pre-established time. If the selected KPIs are not realistic, you will feel helpless and uneasy about not meeting them.


You cannot choose thousands of key performance indicators for a campaign, it is better to choose only the most important ones. Those in which the information collected is irrelevant or uninteresting must be discarded.


The indicators must be able to be analyzed on a regular basis. Deliver results on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, depending on the time period to achieve a goal has been determined.

It should be noted that all of the above will directly influence the ROI or return on investment. Every aspect or detail that we improve will directly or indirectly affect others.

How to define KPIs to meet objectives?

Most platforms and systems for conducting digital marketing campaigns have their own information boxes or dashboards. Through them it is possible to select the appropriate metrics that interest us for each case. It is advisable to give a score to each piece of information regarding its level of importance.

It is also possible to compose dashboards that display information from various applications. For this, additional modules are usually used that resort to their corresponding APIs.

The implementation and monitoring of the appropriate indicators in combined campaigns for different media can be complex. Especially in business models oriented to multi-channel, that is, to attract customers and sell through different channels and media. In these cases, the most advisable depending on the budget, will be to turn to professionals or outsource the service.


In short, the main purpose of KPIs is to help make important decisions that help the sales force. Therefore, they should not be general, but rather specific and aimed at achieving the stated objective. Implementation is a critical part of the process.

Any marketing strategy has to contemplate these seemingly simple concepts. Define and highlight them before carrying out any type of action or digital campaign for your own benefit.

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